Product - CLOCK

Encryption program CLOCK

The encryption/decryption software named CLOCK is developed by Salutis Systems. The program is designed to encrypt/decrypt individual files and then share them via transmission channels such as e-mail or saving files to secure them against leakage of contained information, therein.

Clock is a program following specific requirements and meeting the criteria required by the encryption safety standard. The software does not require any installation and the program process leaves no digital tracks which makes it an ideal solution for use on removable media, e.g. USB keys. The program is designed for the operating system Windows (32 and 64-bit) including Windows XP upto Windows 10. We are preparing a modification for other operating systems, as well. File type or the size is not limited.

The application runs discretely as a tool to showcase time and date for confidentiality reasons against unauthorized users‘ awareness in an unsecured mode. The main functions are accessible only after successful authentication of the user with a password. The application runs in two security modes:

  • PRODUCTION mode does not allow encryption and decryption functions for the files

  • SECURED mode with the possibility of using authentication and optional control of file inviolability. The authentication process for encryption and decryption functions are triggered by a keyboard shortcut.

Encryption specification

This encryption software is an application with very simple operation requirements. The program uses a very strong symmetric encryption algorithm that was used in the Eastern bloc in the past to meet the highest classification/secrecy level "PT". The encryption has not been broken thus far. It is a stronger competitor to AES256 algorithm and is also less prone to cryptographic attacks and more resistant to various types of cryptanalyses. The program uses 256-bit symmetric encryption key. Encryption algorithm GOST was created by a strong degradation of this original algorithm (SEA64) which only trained cryptographers have access to.

Authentication password of the program may have a length of up to 300 characters. This allows the use of security SHA512 hash. The main application CLOCK.EXE has a special protection against modification and virus infiltration attacks. Integrity check is ensured by SHA2 fingerprint. It ensures that the file as a whole is not compromised by an intentional or unintentional interference. Guaranteeing that it is not infected with a virus. The program also has a digital signature guaranteeing the integrity of the original executable file of Clock application thus increasing producer’s credibility that the file is not modified.


The solution is designed primarily for travel purposes when users can work on different computers and in different re-writable media holding processed files. User needs to first copy the files to a re-writable media such as the USB key or hard drive. The original file is being erased or "wiped" during encryption and replaced with the target file, safely. This is not possible on a CD/DVD which is read-only. The source file is always replaced with the target file while encryption/decryption is in progress. Thus protected files are under the ultimate control of legitimate users.

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