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Salutis systems - Our technology

In our products, we implemented these encryption algorithms:

  • Salutis Encryption System - SES : AES-256 + ECC (S-384)
  • Encryption algorithm SEA-64

Salutis Encryption System - SES

Salutis Encryption System (SES), is a data encryption system combining symmetric AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and asymmetric ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) ciphers.

This cryptography is based on EU norm standards EU ETSI TS 102 176-1, ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Informations Security). The main requirements to replace currently-used RSA with ECC are in the NATO PKI certification policy, which derives from NATO standards (NPKI Certificate Policy, a INFOSEC T&I Directive on Cryptographic Security and Cryptographic Mechanisms), where it is necessary to substitute all current systems utilizing RSA standard with ECC standard.

Encryption algorithm AES256 and elliptic Diffie-Hellman scheme for secure key exchange are used. This meets required international standards for secure communication. Keys exchange is handled within 1.5 seconds, the entire process including the authentication lasts upto a few seconds. Voice-communication delay is upto 450 ms, which is highly-acceptable.

Encryption algorithm SEA-64

This encryption software is a very strong symmetric encryption algorithm that was used in the Eastern bloc in the past to meet the highest classification/secrecy level "PT". The encryption has not been broken thus far. It is a stronger competitor to AES256 algorithm and is also less prone to cryptographic attacks and more resistant to various types of cryptanalyses. The algorithm uses 256-bit symmetric encryption key. Encryption algorithm GOST was created by a strong degradation of this original algorithm (SEA64) which only trained cryptographers have access to.

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