Encryption solutions

Research and development in the field of encryption.
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Our chat&voice mobile app secures full anonymity…

VD & USB Crypt

Encryption of virtual disk volumes, USB keys, memory cards

IP Crypt

Network traffic communication encryption system LAN+WAN

We are a member of cyber security cluster

Post scriptum

Out mobile application for iOS and Android secures your files and communication with the most advanced encryption system available in the market.

Combining symmetric AES and asymmetric ECC encryption makes your calls and chat messages completely private. Your photos, files and passwords deserve just as much privacy as your communication, would you agree?

No SIM required!

Our company

Salutis systems, a.s. is a Slovak company founded in 2014, engaged in research and development in the field of encryption.

Our solutions are professional and easy to deploy and can unrivally encrypt data transfer within the internal corporate network, USB keys, files, hard drives, removable media, corporate communications, etc.